27th - 29th
27th - 29th
27th - 29th November 2020
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Poetry Brunch - with Greg Leadbetter, Angela France and Bethany Rivers

Poetry Brunch - with Greg Leadbetter, Angela France and Bethany Rivers

Sunday 26 November 2017
11:00am 12:15pm
Stop Cafe, Museum & Art Gallery, The Square, Shrewsbury, SY1 1LG
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A Poetry Brunch

with Gregory Leadbetter and Angela France

hosted and supported by Bethany Rivers

Tickets: Full £10.00  U21s £7.00

http://www.shrewsburylitfest.co.uk/images/gallery/event-images-3/gregory-leadbetter_thumb.jpgGregory Leadbetter’s first full collection of poems, The Fetch, brings together poems that reach through language to the mystery of our being, giving voice to silence and darkness, illuminating the unseen. With their own rich alchemy, these poems combine the sensuous and the numinous, the lyric and the mythic. 

Ranging from invocation to elegy, from ghost poems to science fiction, Leadbetter conjures and quickens the wild and the weird. His poems bring to life a theatre of awakenings and apprehensions, of births and becoming, of the natural and the transnatural, where life and death meet. Powerful, imaginative, and precisely realised, The Fetch is also poignant and humane – animated by love, alive with the forces of renewal.


http://www.shrewsburylitfest.co.uk/images/gallery/event-images-3/angela-france3_1_thumb.jpgAngela France’s The Hill is a remarkable sequence of poems that leads us up the winding footpaths of Leckhampton Hill near Cheltenham. Under our feet are fossils and flora, bones and the relics of quarrying. France is masterful in capturing the sense of place and weaving the entrancing voices of the hill, its walkers and inhabitants, into the fabric of these formally adventurous poems that range from prose to ‘anglish’, richly worded and delighting in their shapes and sounds.  Here, we encounter ghosts, foxes and ancient kings. We meet the protestors who, years before the Kinder Scout Trespassers, were standing up for their rambling rights and took the law into their own hands in 1902 when a landowner tried to enclose the hill they had walked for generations. And though history is never far from the surface, The Hill raises questions that are just as important today; who has the right to roam, whose land is it, anyway?


http://www.shrewsburylitfest.co.uk/images/gallery/event-images-3/bethany-rivers.jpgBethany Rivers' first collection ‘Off the Wall’ takes you on a journey of  silences, the stories within them and what  it means to search for and discover your own voice.   

The inspiration is derived from classics such as Picasso and Constable to the contemporary art of Georgia O’Keeffe, Catherine Hyde and Shani Rhys-James.   

This collection is a celebration of art and how it expresses the inner-landscape, the pain of Ophelia, the empowerment of Persephone, the illumination of Buddha, the textures of love and the ultimate comfort of Home.