Let's Talk: How English Conversation Works

Friday, 27th November 2020, 07:30 - 20:30

Date & Time

Friday, 27th November 2020

07:30 - 20:30


Online Event

Let's Talk: How English Conversation Works

About this event


Banter, chit-chat, gossip, natter, tete-a-tete: these are just a few of the terms for the varied ways in which we interact with one another through conversation. David Crystal explores the factors that motivate so many different kinds of talk and reveals the rules we use unconsciously, even in the most routine exchanges of everyday conversation. We tend to think of conversation as something spontaneous, instinctive, habitual. It has been described as an art, as a game, sometimes even as a battle. Whichever metaphor we use, most people are unaware of what the rules are, how they work, and how we can bend and break them when circumstances warrant it.


David Crystal is known throughout the world as a writer, editor, lecturer, and broadcaster on language and has published extensively on the history and development of English. He has published more than 100 books, mainly in the field of language. He lives in Holyhead, North Wales.

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