The plan is that SFL 2021 will be a return to a more traditional way of doing things this year and for that, we will need the help of volunteers.  

In previous years Shrewsbury Festival of Literature has relied on a core group of volunteers dedicated to bringing SFL to fruition each November.  Having had a year off, we are hoping that those of you that have volunteered in the past will be back.  Apart from making the festival so much fun from an organisational perspective, in reality...we couldn't do it without you.

We will be getting in touch with those of you who have volunteered before so please keep an eye on your emails, especially the spam/junk folders, and let us know if you can help with SFL 2021.

Anyone who would like to offer their services for this year's festival, please email us at info@shrewsburylitfest.co.uk

We cannot thank those of you who've been involved in previous years for your willingness to enter the maelstrom that is SFL behind the scenes!!  You are all magnificent and "going above and beyond" is clearly a skill that you have all honed to perfection.  You're fabulous.

And finally, SFL needs to thank its wonderful, and regularly over-worked, Volunteer Coordinator, Jane Shaw of JS Business & Admin, who takes a mass of information and produces a clear cut, logical timetable every year for us all to follow.  Jane...you are a star!

JS Business & Admin